UW Treats First Participant in Trial of Stem Cell Therapy for Heart Failure

April 17, 2017

UW-Madison associate professor of medicine and CVRC member, Dr. Amish Raval, is one of the principal investigators for an innovative clinical trial using stem cells for the treatment of heart failure that develops after a heart attack. The research team has just treated its first patient using stem cells from the patient’s own bone-marrow cells directly to the point of cardiac injury to potentially stimulate the body’s natural healing response.

Dr. Amish Raval says, “Patients living with heart failure experience a variety of negative symptoms that can greatly impact their day-to-day life. By being at the forefront of research for this debilitating condition, we look forward to studying the potential of this cell therapy to impact a patient’s exercise capacity and quality of life.”

Read the full article at: http://www.med.wisc.edu/news-events/uw-treats-first-participant-in-trial-of-stem-cell-therapy-for-heart-failure/50754