Welcome Dr. Quanyin Hu to the CVRC!

Welcome CVRC’s Newest Member: Dr. Quanyin Hu, PhD, Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences Division, School of Pharmacy, Wisconsin Center for NanoBioSystems. Quanyin Hu joined UW-Madison faculty in 2020.

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Where did you grow up?    
I grew up in Anhui Province, China.

What is your educational/professional background? 
Undergraduate: 2007-2011 B.E. China Pharmaceutical University (Pharmacoengineering)
Graduate: 2011-2014 M.S. Fudan University (Pharmaceutical Science)
Ph.D.: 2014-2018 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill & NC State University (Biomedical Engineering)
Postdoc Associate: 2018-2020 Koch institute for Integrative Cancer Research, MIT

What is the main goal of your current research program?
The central question I am planning to answer is how to leverage the design of drug delivery system for better disease treatment outcomes. Specifically, we are trying to address current clinical challenges and facilitate translational research by combining cell therapy, immunotherapy and personalized therapy.

What attracted you to UW-Madison? 
Research environment. When I was interviewed here, I was meeting with different people in different departments and different background. I was shocked by how collaborative research environment here it is and very excited about learning from other experts in different research area and the exchange of research ideas. I am particularly like the layout of the medical research area, UW put all the hospitals, school of medicine and public health, pharmacy school together. This is a brilliant idea, because medical research needs extensive collaboration. As a pharmaceutical scientist, I was particularly beneficial from this, because I can easily find collaborators like physicians, doctors, radiologist in hospital, WIMR, or cancer center. This is very useful for my translational research.

What are you hobbies/other interests?
Hiking and skiing

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