CVRC Member, Dr. Timothy Kamp, MD, PhD Partners With Cellular Logistics To Advance A New Approach To Treat Heart Failure

Headshot of Timothy Kamp

Dr. Timothy Kamp, MD, PhD, Professor, Department of Medicine


“This NIH funding will enable Cellular Logistics to develop enhanced Tandem™ HF manufacturing capabilities and increase the ability to distribute the product more widely,” said Dr. Eric Schmuck, vice president, and chief scientific officer of Cellular Logistics.  

“Success in the proposed milestones will establish a strong foundation for scaleup of cGMP manufacturing in anticipation of human trials, and open avenues for “tuning” the biomaterial to meet clinical needs,” says Dr. Schmuck. 

Cellular Logistics will be collaborating with the laboratory of Tim Kamp, M.D., Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on this project. “This grant award by the NIH is a significant step forward for Cellular Logistics to advance a new approach to treat heart failure,” said Dr. Kamptitle. “We believe that Tandem HF offers a powerful combination of extracellular matrix components that can enable cell-based repair of damaged hearts. 

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