CVRC Summer Fellowship Has Begun!

The CVRC summer undergraduate fellowship has officially begun! This 10 week program is a great opportunity for undergraduate students to jump into Cardiovascular research and learn from some the best mentors at UW-Madison.  The fellowship kicked off with an orientation meeting where everyone gathered to get to know each other and to also learn what others will be working on.  Each student will then spend 10 weeks in their own labs working closely with their PI and cohorts.  The program will end with a final gathering at which each student will present their research findings to a large group, giving them the opportunity to showcase their hard work!

Below are two of our students, Ryan North and Mitchell Josvai.

Ryan North: finishing up the process of singularizing and seeding wells of stem cells to start the GiF protocol on. This process is a 20 day differentiation in which Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells differentiate into Cardiac Fibroblasts.

Mitchell Josvai: checking the confluence of our iPS cells before beginning the differentiation protocol to cardiomyocytes.