CVRC Director, Hector Valdivia, Named President of Cardiac Muscle Society

Sakthivel Sadayappan, PhD, MBA, outgoing President of Cardiac Muscle Society – “It is an honor to welcome Dr. Héctor Valdivia as our new President. Dr. Valdivia brings a wealth of expertise and a distinguished record of contributions to the field of cardiac muscle research. His vision and dedication are certain to lead our society to new heights. We are privileged to have such a respected figure at the helm of our organization.

Joining Prof. Valdivia is Dr. Jonathan A. Kirk, who will assume the role of Secretary. Dr. Kirk’s commitment to meticulous record-keeping and communication will undoubtedly ensure the smooth functioning of our society’s operations. His passion for advancing cardiac muscle research is truly commendable.

Furthermore, we are pleased to introduce Dr. Christopher Johnson as our new Treasurer. With his financial acumen and dedication, we are confident that our society’s resources will be managed with utmost transparency and efficiency under his guidance.”

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