Requirements of Trainees

Trainees Are Required To Complete The Following

Responsible Conduct of Research

Trainees are required to complete or have completed a course on the Responsible Conduct of Research.

Photo of Doctor's Lab Coat

Trainees Involved In Human Subjects Research Are Required To Complete And Report On:

UW Human Subjects Online Training
UW HIPAA Online Training

Annual Progress Report

Timely annual progress reports will be expected of all trainees, and trainees will be required to report on career changes to the training Program Administrator for ten years after the end of the funding period

Present Their Research Findings

Trainees are encouraged to present research at national or international scientific meetings; travel funding is available through this training program.

Must Cite Funding Support On Publications And Other Grant Applications

Trainees must cite funding support on other grant applications and publications for work done while under the UW Cardiovascular Research Center Training Grant.

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Provided Resources At The End Of Their Training

Trainees are encouraged to apply for individual fellowships at the end of the training period.

Annual Mentoring Meeting

Trainees will meet with the T32 Leadership Team to create and discuss "Individual Development Plans" (IDPs). Together they will assess current skills and interests, set academic and career goals, and facilitate conversations with their mentors.

Photo of Kristyn Masters Helping a Student