Carol Mitchell, PhD

Position title: Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine


Phone: (608) 263-8840

Carol Mitchell

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Dr. Mitchell’s primary research interests are in the evaluation of plaque characteristics to assess the extent of flow limitations and plaque composition to evaluate for plaque vulnerability. Through understanding the conditions of the blood vessel (i.e. diameter, geometry, Doppler flow characteristics) and utilizing three-dimensional information to evaluate the volume, geometry of the plaque and the composition of the plaque (based on gray scale analysis) it is hoped that vulnerable plaques, or hemodynamic conditions that make a plaque vulnerable can be better understood and lead to better treatment options for patients. The aim of Dr. Mitchell’s research is to build on existing clinical tools for evaluation of carotid hemodynamics and plaque composition and to identify patients who may benefit from more aggressive management based on the composition of their plaque (volume, geometry, composition) or evidence of cognitive decline (which may be due to flow limitations (ischemia) or microemboli) from a vulnerable plaque.

  • Carotid Plaque Strain Imaging
  • Plaque characterization (grayscale analysis) and relationship to plaque composition and vulnerability
  • Plaque volume and development of alogrithims to quantify 3D plaque volumes
  • 3D evaluation of carotid plaque
  • Carotid hemodynamics and the relationship to plaque formation
  • Relationship of vulnerable plaque and/or flow limiting lesions to vascular dementia/cognitive decline