Ravi Dhingra, MD, MPH

Position title: Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

Email: rdhingra@medicine.wisc.edu

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Dr. Dhingra’s research focuses on epidemiology and outcomes of heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases. His main research emphasis are on studying the relations of clinical characteristics and serum biomarkers to cardiovascular diseases specifically involving heart failure with preserved and reduced ejection fraction, ventricular remodeling and cardiac transplantation. He is the principal investigator on several national and international heart failure clinical trials. He has also published several first-authored research articles in peer-reviewed journals. One of his research articles on Soft drink Consumption and the Risk of Metabolic Syndrome received wide recognition and was bestowed the ‘best article of the year’ award in 2007 from the American Heart Association, Circulation editorial board.

His recent research projects involving transplantation include studying the characteristics of donors and their appropriateness for heart transplant, pre-transplant predictors of improving survival among heart transplant recipients, non-invasive methods for assessment of rejection post-transplant, and appropriateness of dual-organ transplants.