Vision & Mission

The UW Cardiovascular Research Center will work to reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease in Wisconsin and the nation and to develop effective approaches to treating cardiovascular disorders and disease.

This purpose is attained by developing programs in basic research, in clinical investigation, diagnosis and therapy, and in public education.

To increase its effectiveness, the Center promotes and facilitates synergistic interactions among investigators with diverse backgrounds in basic sciences and in clinical practice and investigation.

The mission of the UW Cardiovascular Research Center is:

    • To develop, facilitate and promote state-of-the-art approaches to treating and preventing cardiovascular disorders and disease;
    • To establish and sustain state-of-the-art research programs directed at understanding the mechanisms of cardiovascular disease and developing effective prevention, diagnosis and therapy;
    • To teach cardiovascular science and clinical practice to medical students and train graduate and post-graduate students in clinical cardiovascular specialties and basic cardiovascular sciences through the home departments of its faculty;
    • To encourage and support department recruitment of outstanding investigators with expertise in cardiovascular biology or in diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disorders and disease;
    • To solicit extramural funding from federal and state agencies, public and private foundations, and interested individuals; and
    • To inform the public about cardiovascular disease prevention and about the overall mission and accomplishments of the Center.